What Mississippi Moments has to offer:

Mississippi Moments Photography offers the chance of a lifetime for you to see what  the world sees of you. I am able capture your personality with a simple flash of a smile and a camera :). I offer in person consultations to make sure that you and your faily look their absolute best in the photos. 


Mississippi Moments wants your expierence with us to be the best possible. We will work with you on any questions or concerns you may have with your session. 


To make sure you have the moments you want; Mississippi Moments has a booking fee of $350, with this fee you are guarenteed a consultion session (here we will book your date and time). The booking fee covers the photographer's time and talents. It does not include any digital files or products and is not refundable or exchanged.


Digital copies, products, and prints are available for purchase during the online viewing. Online viewing will be viewed in the Mississippi Moments office/studio or in your home, after edits have been made.   

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